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Payment terms and Bank info

1Total Amount: less than US$999 & Means of shipment: by express or courier

It usually refers to samples order. And we recommend customer pay by Paypal or by Western Union at your convenience (wire transfer is ok) and choose express or courier shipment for saving time on road.

For Paypal payment, we are willing to share half handing fee by Paypal, usually 4% of total amount, which means you only need to pay 4% of total amount.

And for Payment by Western Union, Not only no extral cost, but also you can enjoy a reasonable discount to make up the bank charge depends on the specific order, usually $10-15.

2Total Amount: US$1000--US$4999 & Means of shipment: by air or by sea

We suggest customer pay by international bank and choose to ship by sea or air for saving cost.

if customer insist on paying 30% of total amount as deposit before production and balance the rest payment before shipment, $150 handling fee is necessary, mainly including bank charge and domestic shipping cost, documents preparation fee, customs charge and port cost.

However, if the customer can pay 100% payment before production for one time, the handling fee can be reduced to $100, usually the bank will charge $30-35.00 in our side for each transfer.

What is more, if customer can accept to ship by express or courier, of course there is no extral handling fee except for the shipping cost.

3Total Amount: more than US$5000 & Means of shipment: by air or by sea

We advise customer pay 30% of total amount as deposit before production, balance the rest 70% before shipment by international bank and choose to ship by sea or air.

We are responsible for the quality control in every step of production, and will definitely take back or replace for any defect product.

Valid payment account:

1. Paypal Email Account:


Minimum Order Quantity

We are willing to provide the best support and the highest level service to every esteemed customer. We are also always open to and warmly welcome any good idea or professional instructions for improvements, no matter about the product or service. Please feel free to contact our excellent teams at any time by email , fax or telephone. We will try our best to meet your needs. Thanks.

Please note that the MOQ usually apply in ordering only one item situation and at the same time customer requests customization service, if you can purchase the same range for two or three models or have no requirements for branding your logo , the MOQ is much more negotiable and flexible. Anyway, we will try every effort to provide you 100% support.

Customization service: We are willing to engrave your logo on the product depends on specific models for machine .

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